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Structural Inspection and Testing (Street Lighting)

  • Root testing

  • Swage joint testing

  • Visual Inspection

Our structural inspections can be carried out using the phase angle technique that is identified in the ILP GN22. This technique involves our instrument that places a double coil around the column, then inserting the probe within the column. The coil within the probe compares the wall thickness with the main coil area and identifies loss where the probe is placed.

Due to demand for combined testing of street lighting we offer both services incorporating Electrical Inspection and Structural Inspection of the Root. We have been involved with structural inspections of street lighting for many years. With our knowledge in this field we are able to offer a good and competitive service backed up by our professional indemnity.

Most columns that end in catastrophic collapse at the root section are the result of structural corrosion or damage that, in most circumstances, a visual inspection will identify.


Our instrument is the ColcheK and works on the phase angle technique. The electronic phase angle technique and this instrument have and still is used within the oil and pipeline industry. This instrument was invented over 20 years ago and has been adapted for the use in non-destructive street lighting testing (NDT) for over 15 years.

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