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Cable Route Tracing and CAD Drawings


Service Identification, Auto Cad Drawings, Cable Routes.

The full service available.

This service can provide our clients with accurate Auto CAD drawings for all of their service networks plotted with recorded depths of the services, distances from curb line down to the size and type of cables.


Our services can include different types of data collection at the same time.


We can carry out the works with the latest technology cable tracing devices and with very fine accuracy.


We can survey and plot units directly into handheld devices and issue in many formats.


With the most up-to-date software and GPS/GIS systems we are able to collect any information possible including plotting of points, strings, etc and then sharing this data in a variety of formats:

CAD, Google Maps, Excel, MapInfo, etc.


For a demonstration or examples of what we can achieve contact us...

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