Cable Fault Location & Network Testing


Fault Location & Testing

We carry out fault location throughout the UK on all types of networks. The equipment we use with the experience the engineers have within this field enables us to guarantee that there is no other company who can offer this service at our prices with the results we can obtain. This service is unique so why spend days trying to locate those faults and installing joint after joint before the fault is finally located and rectified.

We can offer the full service of location, repair and temporary reinstatement if required. This service is not just restricted to street lighting networks we are also able to carry out this service on many other types of networks.

Sheath Testing (Pressure test)

On new installations this is a requirement to validate that the cable installed has not been damaged during the installation as recommended by the ILP Electrical Code of Practice and the Highways Code of Practice. We offer the service of sheath testing which will identify any defective cable sheath where the steel wire armour is in contact with the ground due to damage to the outer sheath.

Once the defects have been identified then we can offer a location of these defects with the use of our specialised equipment. We are able to pin point where the defect is and carry out a repair without the need to replace sections of cable

For further details on this service please contact us for a quotation.

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    We get about, carried out fault location at Tower of London on a 240mm main within the moat......didn't find any bones.....

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